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Welcome to ERFUMADE's exquisite collection of home decorations and accessories! Elevate your living spaces with our curated selection of mounted key holders and hanging ornaments designed to add a touch of elegance to every corner of your home.

Discover the perfect solution to keep your keys organized with our stylish mounted key holders. Crafted with precision and flair, these functional yet chic accessories are not only practical but also serve as eye-catching focal points in your entryway or any room.

Transform your living rooms and bedrooms into havens of sophistication with our range of hanging ornaments. From intricately designed wall hangings to whimsical pieces that capture your unique style, our ornaments are crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Whether you prefer modern minimalism, bohemian charm, or classic aesthetics, we have the perfect accents to complement your home decor.

At ERFUMADE, we understand that the right accessories can turn a house into a home. Our collection is carefully curated to bring you versatile options that blend seamlessly with your interior design, making each room a reflection of your personality and taste.

Explore our selection and discover the perfect pieces to enhance your living spaces. From mounted key holders that keep you organized to hanging ornaments that add a dash of personality, ERFUMADE is your destination for home decor that combines functionality with style.

Shop now and transform your living spaces into a haven of elegance with ERFUMADE's home decoration and accessories collection.

Amigurumi wall decoration & key hanger for your homeThis Amigurumi key hanger is a perfect addition to your home. The key hanger can be mounted on the wall and allows you to easily hang keys from a Pegboard or Hook.The handmade key hanger is trendy, and unique and makes it easy fo..
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