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Finger Knit Baby Blanket

Finger Knit Baby Blanket
Finger Knit Baby Blanket
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Finger Knit Baby Blanket
Finger Knit Baby Blanket
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Finger Knit Baby Blanket
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Hand-knitted velvet blanket for baby

Color     : Turquoise

Size       : 75 x 80 cm (29,52 x 31,49 inches)

Material : Made with Alize puffy baby. 100% Micro Polyester, Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial, Soft Touch, Safe on Baby’s Skin 

HANDWASH RECOMMENDED (but if you need you can wash in the washing machine on delicate mode at 30 C/86°F)

Dive into a world of comfort and style with the ERFUMADE Hand-Knitted Velvet Blanket for Babies in a delightful Turquoise color. Meticulously crafted by skilled hands, this blanket is designed to envelop your baby in softness, creating a warm and snug haven for moments of relaxation.

Key Features:

1. Tranquil Turquoise:

  • Immerse your baby in the soothing embrace of our Hand-Knitted Velvet Blanket in soft Turquoise. The tranquil color creates a serene environment, perfect for creating moments of cozy bliss.

2. Exquisite Hand-Knit Craftsmanship:

  • Crafted with precision by skilled artisans, this blanket exemplifies the art of hand-knitted elegance. Every stitch is a testament to the dedication and expertise poured into creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

3. Softness Beyond Compare:

  • The velvety softness of this hand-knitted baby blanket ensures a luxurious touch against your baby's delicate skin. Whether swaddling or lounging, it provides a cocoon of comfort for safe and snug moments.

4. Versatile Warmth:

  • Beyond its visual appeal, this hand-knitted blanket is a versatile accessory for various occasions – from swaddling during naptime to creating a cozy corner for everyday snuggles.

5. Cherished Moments:

  • Create cherished moments with your little one as you embrace the warmth and love of our Turquoise Hand-Knitted Velvet Blanket. It's more than a blanket; it's a cherished companion for the early days of your baby's journey.

Indulge your baby in the luxury of hand-knitted comfort with the ERFUMADE Hand-Knitted Velvet Blanket in Turquoise. Elevate your baby's space with a touch of handmade elegance that speaks to the heart. Shop now and embark on a journey of creating cozy memories with your precious bundle of joy.

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